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Locker Group Woven Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth

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The Locker Group Ltd has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of woven wire mesh and wire cloth for more than 120 years. Originally established in Warrington, UK in 1878, the quality workmanship and spirit of innovation which defined Locker mesh products then, still hold true today.

Cutting edge technology is combined with unsurpassed knowledge of all things wire mesh to build close partnerships with customers. Locker staff regularly work as part of the project design team to develop new and innovative wire mesh products and solutions.

Both our resources and our vast applications experience have enabled us to develop wire mesh solutions for many customers worldwide - from blue chip multinational companies to small specialist firms with unique applications.

Architectural Wire Mesh

With our fabricating and installation resources and a highly skilled team of in-house design engineers operating the latest CAD software, we can offer a complete architectural wire mesh design and fix package.

For more a more detailed understanding of the architectural mesh patterns which are available, past architectural project experiences or indeed, the ever increasing range of applications for our products please follow the appropriate link.

Visit the Locker Architectural Wire Mesh website.

Woven Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth

We maintain a comprehensive stock of stainless steel woven wire mesh, and can also supply plain, galvanised and other alloys in a variety of roll widths and weave types. Choose from standard wire mesh, PACO precision woven wire cloth, dutch weave, insect screening, pressed components, process screens and Locker Rotex spares.

Our woven wire mesh and wire cloth is used for a wide variety of industrial applications including;

Visit the Locker Wire Mesh website.

Heat Shielding

Locker Radiant Heat and Weather Shield Cladding Panels are designed for ease of installation and are maintenance free. Types include "Ladder" shield, "Mini" type shields and "Flare Deck Grid Flooring".

Visit the Locker Heatshielding website.

Clarifier Systems

The Locker Clarifier System has been designed to reduce the levels of S.S. (suspended solids) and subsequently B.O.D. (biological oxygen demand) in the final effluent produced by sewage and waste water treatment works.

Visit the Locker Clarifier Systems website.

Hobbies and Crafts

Locker have a business division specialising in smaller quantities of mesh for artists, hobbyists, modelers and home improvers.

Visit The Mesh Company website.

Corporate History

James Locker - click to view PDF of 1928 company brochure

For those interested in our corporate history, click on the image of James Locker from our 1928 company brochure (PDF).

Both Locker and Potter and Soar were instrumental in development of the wire mesh industy.

Find out more in our article 'The History of Wire Weaving' which documents the progress of the wire mesh weaving industry right from its very beginnings.



Company Information

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Locker comprises the holding company Locker Group Ltd and its specialist operating divisions; Locker Wire Weavers Ltd., Locker Heatshielding Ltd. and Locker Architectural Ltd.

All wire mesh materials are manufactured in accordance with International Standards. AutoCAD is in operation.

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